Our Focus For Today is on Mid Caps – Oil & Gas Sector

Market opened 12.2points up from yesterday’s close. There is an attempt to break 2618.99 but index only traded high of 2612.28. Entering into the late morning trading session, index starts trading near low, in a ranged-bounded manner. Today’s low is at 2588.72.

Quick Picks: Here is a quick pick screen that we have designed to pick out potential stocks, both Bullish and Bearish. These are measured with emphasis on larger changes in price and volume.

Bullish Stocks (Singapore)








1 SPRM Singapore Press Holdings Ltd 3.74 3.62 3.86
2 GIL Genting 1.05 0.975 1.08 1.13 PROFIT – CLOSED at 1.12
3 AUSG AusGroup Ltd 0.795 0.73 0.86
4 EZRA Ezra Holdings Ltd 1.73 1.61 1.85
5 MRNG MediaRing Ltd 0.28 0.22 0.34 To enter as market order

Stock Prices last updated at 15.24 (Singapore Time)

Afternoon Highlights

As of 15.:15, there is a sudden surge of +14 points during these 15mins.

Stats ChipPAC hit high of 0.905, wait for setups

Capitacommerical Trust hit high of 0.93, wait for setups

SC Global broke high of 1.64, wait for setups

Overall, the Market is going sideways today whereas Hong Kong is up by 2.82%.

Latest News

  • Hong Kong shares surged in Friday’s afternoon trading after China’s foreign exchange regulator issued draft rules to raise the investment quote for foreign institutional investors to $1 billion from $800 million. The move, announced after the close of the Shanghai market, is expected to let foreigners invest more in Chinese stocks.

Yesterday US News Released

In Summary

Market close 14.52 pts up. Shares are trading in a tight range. We are relieve to see that there is no significant selling pressure for today, though buying momentum has yet to come in too.

On Daily Chart, the Moving Averages are not in proper order, showing uncertainty still lingers on.

On 15 Min Chart, we are more concern on the resistance at 2618.99, high chance that we may see a breakthrough happening next week.

On Weekly Chart, the Moving Averages are seen turning gradually upwards.

STI 15min,daily and weeklu040909

Therefore, we believe that it’s a good sign that we can start buying shares on a long term basis. Do lookout for blue chips for investments… A breakthrough at 2700 maybe a good start of a new upward trend market. Ideally, we should wait till a confirm breakthrough at 2700, then enter long term positions.

Till then, mid cap is still on the lime light.

Quote of the Day

“It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.” –Warren Buffett