Greetings Everyone, and Welcome to a New Week!

I come to you today with heartfelt Appreciation for all of the months of support on The Blog, as , regrettably, I have decided to discontinue my communications in this manner with keeping The Blog active here on FXstreet.

My own personal Work has been leading in other directions for quite some time, and we all know there are only a finite number of hours in the day!

I would like to express my deep and sincere thanks to FXstreet’s Founder and CEO, Francesc Riverola, as well as my dear friends of his Staff, Noemi Jansana, Marina Schiaffino, Maud Gilson, and everyone within the FXstreet Family… as they really have become like “Family” to me!

Being around FXstreet literally daily since late 2004/early 2005 has garnered me a wealth of knowledge and friendships that are simply too numerous to describe. I have seen and experienced so many changes and expanding growth of the experiences and quality of Content at FXstreet, and I am deeply grateful to have been a witness to all of it over the years.

We all grow and change and it is simply a natural part of our Trading, as well as personal lives.

It would certainly be my honor to stay in touch with all of you, and I may be reached at “ultramaxgroup at”, so please feel free to drop a line!

Trading is inherently a solitary experience as we all know, so it would be great to have contact with all my friends and colleagues from over the years!

On more of a local Note, for those of you heading to The Forex and Options Expo in Las Vegas next week on August 2nd through the 4th, be sure to look around for me… as I will be in attendance just like every year!

I should not be too hard to find… all of you have seen my Mugshot picture!  ;-)

Thanks Again, Everyone… and I will drop by Premium for Webinars and Sessions when time permits.

It was a privilege for me to share my Market Thoughts and Ideas with you each day, and hopefully I brought a little humor along the way with my Analogies and “The CVJ Fan Club Guys” as well!

Take Care, Be Vigilant with your Trading, and I hope to see Everyone again in the future!


Tim Salem (CVJ)

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