Here is a true story about someone I know.

Gentleman X was an older person with a complex medical history. Yet, he was vibrant and enjoying life until diagnosed with a small problem. He went for treatment and the treatment was botched. That kicked off a series of events that landed him in the hospital and literally at death’s door.

His doctor did not return calls even when informed of the patient’s serious slide. Right then and there, I would have gotten a new doc but the family said that you don’ t change surgeons in mid-operation. In this case, he knew the history so everyone stayed the course.

Gentleman X is still in the hospital, by the way and his doctor is still making mistakes.

Sound familiar? Doc Bernanke and Doc Congress did not return calls. The patient was treated for tech hangover with oodles of cash medicine and look what happened!

As for today’s news, what else was the Prez going to do? You can’t change economic doctors in the middle of the treatment. To bad the patient is still in the hospital.

The moral of the story is that continuity of care is not always the best plan of action. But I am mot talking about Mr. Bernanke. The whole Wall Street crony system in the government has to be scrapped before they kill us.

“We saved the world!” (that’s a question)

We are Munchhausen by proxy.