I have read a number of books on Fx trading and want to increase my trading knowledge. What are the 15 books that I must have as a Forex trader (I already read Currency Trading & Technical Analysis for Dummies).



Ruddy, I don’t know the 15 “must read” books you are looking for, but I do know of some excellent free ones right here on this site. If you go to the Education tab, select “E-books,”you will find a forex trading book from Louis Mendelsohn. If you don’t know this author, you should. His pioneering efforts with intermarket analysis and trading software are legendary.


If you go for this book, you will also find other free books on other important trading subjects. I recommend all of these because a trader should not just limit his learning to the specific market traded. To be successful, one must round out his or her knowledge base.

Remember, trading currencies requires an understanding of the big picture, which implies an understanding of how global markets work. So in your search for books, look for those that expand this part of your knowledge base.   

Trade in the day; invest in your life …

Trader Ed