Some of you may have noticed we’ve been experimenting with a new feature in comments here on, namely that you can now embed YouTube videos and PollDaddy polls directly in a comment.

Although shortcodes are great and we’ll continue to support and encourage them for comments the simplest possible interface seemed to be just a URL.

The URL is all you’ll need to include a YouTube video or PollDaddy poll. To try it out copy and paste the permalink for a video or a poll on PollDaddy Answers and put it on its own line in a comment, like enter enter enter enter. You’ll now have a poll embedded in the comment just like this:

View Poll

(By the way, I have a Kindle 2 and it’s the bestest thing since sliced beer.)

Of course if someone leaves a video or poll you don’t like it’s just like them leaving something else you don’t like, you can always delete it or edit it to remove the offending link.

As you and your audience start to play with this it should spice up comments a bit, and based on your feedback we may expand this to encompass other shortcodes and embeds in the future.

Keep commentin’. :)