There has been a major change in the dollar over the last few days. Today it is the most apparent of all.  Early this morning the dollar was much weaker.  Just before the US markets opened, Spain was dropped to negative by S&P.  The dollar shot higher immediately.  Then as the market opened, the dollar started to fade again and the markets jumped higher. This seemed to be the same old story with pressure being put on the dollar day after day as if Ben Bernanke was sitting there with a button to click whenever he wanted to print money and kill the dollar. However, all of a sudden the dollar has reversed again and seems as though it just will not die.  The rising dead? Could it be?  This would be a huge change in character if that is the case.  Keep an eye on it into the end of the day and the rest of the week.  Could mean there will be a constant squeeze/bid in the dollar which will put pressure on the markets for the near future.