GRPS-logo.jpgIt would have been a great day for Gold River Productions Inc (PINK:GRPS) if it was a normal day. Alas, the ones who think the news started the hype have to look deeper. Yes, the news are great and could be the reason, but the real catalyst is to be found elsewhere. GRPS-29.04.11.png

It was, indeed, an explosive Thursday. More than 21 million shares traded, almost 50% increase of the stock price for the day, the session closing at $0.016 per share. The truth of the matter is, however, that sessions like the one yesterday occur very often for Gold River. The only difference is the volume of traded shares. They needed a catalyst and found it in the face of numerous promoters sending paid newsletters yesterday, all mentioning the news, of course.
Otherwise, it has been more than a year since this stock settled around the one-cent levels, with occasional slumps to sub-penny bottoms, or spikes to 2-3 cents. Of course, there is a reason for this, several reasons actually. As with most pink sheet companies, the issue with trust and confidence exists. Lots of good news over time, income statements with little information about the actual state of operations of the company, and the permanent $0.01 per share. On top of that, exactly a month ago the last promotional wave also mentioned the bright near future. Yet, nowadays things are as they were back then. [BANNER]
All in all, the company announces patents and patent-pending technology that would help it gain a share of the market, but this has quite a long way to go. Patents, as it seems, are not a guarantee for revenues, let alone patent-pending techs. What the actual only good news is that there are possibilities for profits here, but on the short term. Stock price jumps of 50%, or even more, occur very often on the market so that a skilled investor can benefit from it.
For investors looking at potential long-term investments, however, Gold River offers uncertainty more than anything else; thus, balancing between risk and return is quite a difficult task at hand.