13.10 – 2009,

Before so busy earnings season stars had been looking a few cases. Altera W5 top might be close in here with 240 minute chart. One minute is suggesting still impulsive movement to the upside with triple tree. In fact it´s possible it was allready ABC triangle and this latest D is mini impulse for it (if really counting pennies with it).

Market Harmony looks bearish with it with 240 minute chart but those butterflys often marks only change of waves which might be W3 top with this case. However as alternate it knocks very major fib resistance in here and if it would be only ABC corrective movement since bottom things could go ugly. XA=x1.618 at 21.83 might come interesting.

Let´s see how does it goes, it´s going to be aftermarket issue. Overall, we´re likely dealing with very last impulse anymore.