US market closed. Same old, same old – usually when you do short major size fibonacci with EuroDollar first one allways blows out with stoploss, but I allways make new entry and certainly it finally started to fall, even needed to wait allmost all day with it as 1.2800 offered some shorter timeframe support before it was broken.

SPX bearish Head&Shoulder chart I mentiond somewhere in lower posts department was placed today, market build that right shoulder at 875, twice actually making doubletop for it while 15 minutes macd started to fall in last 24 hours. I don´t know if this HS pattern will be under progress now, but if it is, we will go much deeper on next week as it´s very large pattern at this time.

SPX 837 is .618% fib support for this new downwave, one snapback movement from there likely ahead, but then the rest should follow – I´ll keep the same Eur-Usd short position by overnight. Haven´t decided exactly yet where to cover it.