ARGC_price_chart.jpgToday, the pre-market information about Artepharm Global Corp (OTC:ARGC) stock is opposed to yesterday’s 51.47% jump up.

ARGC shares opened the market with a swiftly lowering price. The incredibly fast coming changes show a 20.39% pull back for ARGC stock.

After the stock alerts cannonry from last days and the cooled investor enthusiasm about the malaria eradication project, it seems that sellers will dominate the trading session.

Yesterday’s boom of the traded under $1 ARGC stock was expressed not only by the price increase. ARGC succeeded to hint a volume record.

For the first time since its inception in 2008, more than 5 million ARGC shares changed hands, exceeding sixteen times the average for the company.

All this was possible only because since this Monday, in addition to PR news announced by the company, stock alerts grabbed investors’ interest with the current topics for ARGC volume and price capacities.

The same scenario was already played this spring. As of today, those that bought ARGC stock during the huge stir, may count an 86% loss on their investment.

ARGC_from_the_site_and.pngThis could also be the case after the alerts attack from these days.
At the same time, in its SEC filings ARGC has no updates since the end of May. Only fresh and fashionable press releases about the noble cause to fight malaria are maintaining investors’ need to be informed.

That raises also the question, why the company has no SEC filings about the malaria eradication project on the Comoros Islands led by Artepharm Co.

The next question is how a company, that states in its financials that it ” is currently in negotiations with a business called Artepharm Co., a pharmaceutical company involved in R&D and the manufacturing of artemisinin-based anti-malarias and anti-viral traditional Chinese medicines” will fight malaria with no patent? While negotiating?[BANNER]

The cash balance of ARGC shows, that at the end of the first quarter of this year the company has no funds to implement its projects.

According to the last press releases, ARGC succeeded to raise millions of dollars, which again are not SEC filled as significant material interests for the company. Then, who and how will lead and implement the company’s projects?