While did some short of shorting for Eur-Usd in asian market (certainly monkey effect follows US reaction as will do europeans also tomorrow morning). EurUsd oscillators were pretty well set for selling, but 1.3485 will be difficult to go throw with subminuette waves (but only with them). Current price as 1.3538 is the one where I followed it in here (38,2%). There´s no news or surprizes in here, but EurJpy is a bit surprize in here for me, it actually gave it away (50%) this easily, this is surprize because also it´s 240 min chart was supported with 50% wave – meaning, it left a lot of W3 options open for upside for longer run. Price run only for 129,75 before drop again to 129,00. Now those W3 options are gone with just 0,35 overlap movement, this makes me a real wonder if this is overlap, on the other hand europeans are going to sell as well and something should be left for them also.

I was wrong with those Yen cross charts I tried to figure out during the weekend, propably they all correct as deep as we go from here which in most cases is 50 and .618 again. Well, I marked next wave asb waves down for them all, but too small b I think.

I have to confess I start to like EurJpy more as EurUsd, it actually builds patterns all the time with all timeframes and specially including 1 minute chart while Eur-Usd is just mess without patterns, but reasonable when doing oscillators drive.

I opened another long for EurJpy at 129,18 with selling oscillators just because I want to see how it´s going to handle this kind of situation there is placed and it´s going to breake it now. (opening price stop again with end results of zero). If this is overlap, this would be terrible beartrap for someone. There´s not fib support in here, it it goes down again – 129,00 is propably gone for long time.

Below is the current chart of Eur-Usd, I would call this still a bit lazy and passive correction compared for recent weeks run and still targeting with it for 1.4150 area where more massive shorting opportunity knocks again, but we need this b wave away first to blow the rest. In fact I am very skeptic to take any major size several hundres pips bear steps with it even this market corrects down now, those ABC´s are so exotic and turns can occure pretty much anywhere. It´s defintely most passive pair to come down and reacted for this correction very late also. 

Interesting to see tomorrow what europeans has done for my EurJpy longin here (propably it is gone).