16.1 – 2008 Friday, US Morning

That came quickly (I thought I would need to wait next week with this one), even I think it´s a bit risky to leave europeans trade overnight positions without monitoring. 1.3300 reached at so far twice (looks a bit like resistance), perhaps there´s still that another 100 pips road upcoming, but with this much advance I lock profit with trailingstop.

IF this another breake of 1.3300 will not get success I will not take profit out, if it will advance more – I let it run, but I will not accept any 1.3300 support test anymore. It trades 1.3320 now, so break from this level might come succeed also meaning more advanced impulse but if not, profit taken in here.

+138 pips

Have a good weekend, likely taking day-off today from US market.