I’m back, back into the world of 0’s and 1’s. As DT (please click my sponsor!) said, you’ll feel a hell of a lot better after a break. Unfortunately, I’m not as much of a communist as him. He took off an entire month (remember that when someone tells you that commies don’t have it better; they do).

I started trading today. My account is setup and I have access to my friend’s funds. It’s short the day trading requirement, but we’re going to try to boost it up to it. I put in a few practice trades today because the IB software takes a little getting used to. It’s much better than browser based trading like Zecco or Sogo, but it leaves something to be desired. Perhaps, I should read the manual. Unfortunately, I stubbornly refuse to read manuals.

Both trades (only two because I wanted to save my third for Friday, when I have the day off) were positive, despite my difficulty with the program. On a side note, I enjoyed using ToS’s software. I’m thinking about suggesting some new software for my friend to purchase. He’s actually been bugging me about doing it.

Hmmm. There’s not much to say today. Looks like the market finished up; but, it’s a sad finish on low volume. Beware of today’s low. Further downside may be imminent.