I made just two paper trades the last two days -longs on STSI and EXEL. Both got stop ordered out, went sideways and then went up back in the direction I thought. Down $96 more in my paper account and will have to update my results next week.

The last several days (and before that), I have been very indecisive. It’s like I’m playing with “scared money” – so I’m going to loosen it up a little and pull the trigger with less hesitation next week to get some trades in – its not like it’s real money. Often I spot a set up that looks good, and as I deliberate about going in, the stock makes the move I anticipated and then I’m worried about chasing, so I hesitate more, etc. Second, as a beginner, I have to hone in my short list of stocks (4-5) to focus on. Yes, I will miss on alerts and pre-market movers not on my list. But now I compile all the watchlist stocks from the various blogs, and with the new stocks that come on my horizon during the day from chat or TD Ameritrade’s Market Movers, it ends up being too much info for me at this stage. I’m trying to monitor so many stocks, I don’t monitor really any at all.

Real work last minute projects slowed me down this week. Plus my PC appears to have died for good. The system process is taking up 99% of the CPU, so its going at turtle speed. May wipe the slate clean and try to reboot Windows one last time. Only works in safe mode. The harddrive is ok after a checkdisc and a diagnostic the computer guy did last time. May be the motherboard or a virus that’s taking up so much of the CPU. I did my part to fuel the economy and bought a LCD widescreen on sale so I have it connected to my laptap, but eventually I should have three screens to work with.

Not sure if I will post this weekend, but will be back at it refreshed ready to go again on Tuesday.