That was fun, but I think it´s also over.

Require only oscillator rollover now, which might take some time – they run now for overbought. If you open the chart, but can see why price is there at this 50% (1.3150) touch. This is also termination point of waves, any more upside from here would leave this triple correction behind of us and for that reason tick is likely going to be scared soon (tomorrow). I didn´t check the C wave actual size, but bet it´s either 1,27 or 1.382 or 1.618 x A wave. 

So, I shorted it allready, this is maximum size for W4 and I don´t have to look that e E twice in previous post to understand it´s orthodox top.

This is last post as a chart I´ll leave, I will check e-mails to confirm new e-mails to open access for new chart site.

And yes, I accept that 1.3165 is overthrow.