While I agree that Celente’s vision of the future is pretty frightening, it’s totally unfair to attempt to discredit him the way Dan Harris is in this video. And I think Peter Schiff has proved that he knows what he’s talking about so why even include him here? First off, anything by big media is garbage and propaganda in my eyes and they are the ones that should be criticized for telling us everything is all right when it obviously wasn’t.

Spend, Consume, and Borrow are what commercials are made up of so of course they don’t want anybody to think that a rainy day may be in the near future that would cause consumers to reign in their spending. While I don’t envision things getting as bad as what Gerald sees, maybe we’ll land somewhere in between of eutopia and disturbia. That wouldn’t be so bad and maybe we need a decade or so of zero growth to make up for all the excesses of recent decades. If anything our environment may be the big winners in all of this. But I’m confident advertisers will find something to market on commercials.