I was thinking about baseball the other day, sometime after A-Roids news hit and before the stock market smacked me upside the head. I have one simple question – what the hell is going on with America’s pastime? Can we trust anyone? Why were the leaders asleep at the switch when all of this was happening?

Hank Aaron said to give the home run crown to Barry Bonds because there was no way of knowing whether he would not have otherwise gotten it. I have to hand it to Hammerin’ Hank for a class move. Although I do recall him being conspicuous by his absence when the grouchy one hit number 756.

All of the financial weapons of mass destruction to me were steroids for Wall Street. The players got real beefy and made records of their own – until their internal organs shut down and their manhood shrunk. And where were the regulators.

Wow, baseball and the financial markets have a lot in common. It just goes to show how much crap gets overlooked during the good times and how hard the marginal greed-meisters fall when the times go bad.

Both are going to take a long, long time to cleanse themselves of all the crap exposed and yet to be exposed.