so on tuesday 9th and thursday 11of mar the bear market rally rumors began.
jim crammer was hardcore about this as well as everyone else with there mouths wide open on CNBC.’

i think this market has thrown up so much profits technically it SHOULD be ready for some real buying.

it isn’t may yet, so as they say “sell in may and go away” so i’d assume there is time for some bull buying.

i’ve been watching my favorite stocks just move in large waves. i’m glad i’m choosing not to trade right now because although its a downtrend market trading options you might be wrong real quick. i’m curious to see the outcome since some beaten down stocks are finally starting to get “some” positive news and the “few” who preach to the masses are actually talking optimistically “briefly” for a change.

the two 6% big days for the DJIA was definitely positive but it could also just be a pre-bigger-sell off coming.

since most stocks are in the small two digit and single digits i’d suspect real buying and change in emotions will be in the near future. i can’t wait to start doing real trades again. hopefully by then my discipline and knowing my movements of my stocks will help me tremondously.

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