Welcome to The Best of Trades

Hopefully seeing my trades will make you look at your data more closely to see if you agree with me. Sending me feedback will let me know whether you do and give me reasons to look over my data in a new light. It might help both of us. Of course, I am hoping you find my work valuable, but as in all future trading what has been working may or may not work for the next trade and so you are on your own as to whether/when you choose to trade. Be advised.

Here goes then…my current trades as of 4/2/09

Name         Month  Long/Short            Entry  Current    Stop/Lmt

Wheat Jul X      
Corn Jul L 40425 40625 38900
Soybeans Jul B 94050  OB lmt 92800
Meal Jul X      
Bean Oil Jul L 33450 33790 32000
Oats May X      
Live Cattle Jun X      
Sugar #11 Jul B 13650 stop lmt 13660
Gold Oct B 94570 stop lmt 94600
Silver May X      
Copper May L 15450 18490 15900
Platinum Apr L 91000 111360 102200
Cotton May B 45550 stop lmt 45650
Eurodollars Sep L 98650 98895 98650
Live Hogs Jun X      
Japanese Yen Jun S 10104 10145 10407
Euro currancy Jun L 13134 13234 10340