Three of the web’s most prominent financial bloggers have joined forces to offer you a unique package of insights to help navigate today’s volatile markets.

Now get three great market newsletter services all in one and save $288 (25%) off the regular combined monthly subscriptions.

Here is what you will receive:

  1. Quantifiable Edges – Start your week right with Rob Hanna’s weekly research letter and member-only chart pages. Understand how recent market action compares historically. Get more detailed research than has ever been provided on the blog. Give yourself and your trading a Quantifiable Edge.
  2. VIX and More – Bill Luby’s weekend subscriber letter provides a global overview on equities while tackling macroeconomic issues and fundamental analysis alike, not to mention Bill’s unique and well regarded views on market volatility and its implications for the week ahead.
  3. Market Rewind – How does your portfolio stack up to the market? What’s working now? Take a deep-dive each night into over 190 ETFs while maintaining a broad perspective over twelve major asset classes with ETF Rewind Pro.

    If that weren’t enough, actionable model portfolio ideas, mechanical timing signals, nightly commentary, pairs trading, and custom portfolio correlation and optimization analytics are all included!

As part of the three-day trial period, you will receive three evening editions of Jeff’s ETF Rewind Pro, as well as Rob and Bill’s most recent weekly subscriber letters for evaluation.

The annual subscription fee of $865 (about $72 per month ~ a 25% discount) clears through Market Rewind’s secure PayPal site (Maple Park Management, LLC). Should you already be a subscriber to any of the respective publications, that author will rebate you the prorated portion of your current subscription.

You aren’t likely to find a better bargain for as much of a diverse informed edge anywhere else on the web. Why not give it a try?

Note: Each service is subject to the respective author’s disclaimers and notices.