I dumped the bond short last night (nominal profit) as it went on an upward tear straight from the open.Perhaps the dow futures dipping under 7000 had everyone running for bonds.(Boy, who saw that coming? 20 whole points lower? )

Anyway, it was a discretionary exit, alas.I wanted to preserve some of the gain, or at least not watch it turn into a loss.That’s the hardest part of this turtle-like system.(That and re-entering a market, especially after a loser. Or two or three).

Bonds went as high as 125’085 so far today – 1’080 higher than where I exited and beyond my original stop – so I’m okay with this bit of discretion.

I’m otherwise flat.Trades on the radar: short euro, $Aud, crude, long unleaded, copper.

Odd to see crude short and unleaded long as possible trades at the same time. The received wisdom is that Unleaded tends to lead that group.In any case, the unleaded long looks unlikely this morning, as it’s tanking. Entry > 1.4152 .

Crude is down $4 right now, which is a ton, but above my entry point (