Thanks everyone for the comments in the previous thread. I’ve missed (paper) trading, especially on mornings like this when you know the market is going to be crazy. I’m achieving my goals for my brief sabbatical other than only reading other blogs when at the gym. I finished one book about trading (by Brian Shannon at AlphaTrends) and started another (Trend Following by Michael Covel). This quote from Ed Seykota stood out to me as relevant to me right now:

The joy of winning and the pain of losing are right up there with the pain of winning and the joy of losing. Also to consider are the joy and pain of not participating.”

This photo of one of the house projects – the basement steps – can be categorized as Happy Wife, Happy Life:

Yes, this is still a blog about starting out as a beginner trader, but I was really happy with how these turned out! Also, I believe that I need to have a balanced life to succeed at trading so taking from Attitude Trader’s “attitude index”, I’ve decided to use Joe’s Goals to track my success in reaching that balance. These are things I have struggled with for years, and I actually made great strives during the first six months of last year. Eventually, I’m going to put this badge into a side bar:

Balance Makes Me a Better Trader

Charlie G.'s Personal Score Badge

My schedule is conspiring so that I won’t likely be able to paper trade again until next Wednesday, but will start posting more regularly again on Sunday, probably starting out with a review of Brian’s book.