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I really thought Buffet was making a mistake when he did that piece in the NY Times telling Americans to load the boat on U.S. equities last fall. He knows he’s not a good market timer so he shouldn’t have dumped so much money in the markets at one time. I don’t care what his holding period is, if you can get a better deal on the same stocks months later, one should take advantage of that.
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Doug Kass Sees The ‘End’ of Warren Buffett

An interesting article:

Based on reported Berkshire holdings as of September 30, and the stock moves since then, Doug Kass estimates Buffett’s firm has lost:

* Wells Fargo: $6.3 billion lost on 290 million shares
* American Express: $2.9 billion lost on 151 million shares
* Coca-Cola: $2.1 billion lost on 200 million shares
* Burlington Northern Santa Fe: $1.8 billion lost on 63 million shares
* ConocoPhillips: $1.5 billion lost on 60 million shares
* U.S. Bancorp: $1.5 billion on 73 million shares


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