Well, it´s .618 line so kind of easy to set up. If this works, ABCDE marked in the chart is impulse where fifth wave came as longest one. EW is not forecasting only, it´s to see where to take entry and to see where it fails and where alternates are. I am not big fan with triangles, but that´s something I need to change since I missed EurUsd 1.2900 bottom triangle as well. 

This triangle might come a bit wider, it´s not necessary breake yet, they all tends to run to the very end. As another options we go more sideways in larger degree, but the fact is that EurJpy breake is now behind as 38.2%. All it can do is correct & retest.

Today was real key in FX world all over.

Leaving it run with stops in that .618 line. Not even time to monitor it, back to those mad Yen bull pairs which are far more interesting in here.

2 important details of all triangles;

1) After triangle breake, movement will be fast & furious.

2) Triangles are often W2´s and W4´s, but more importantly they allways ends the correction.