No, I am not going political. And for most of my readers this is going to be a shock. I am bullish on American stocks! But take heart, fellow worriers, I am not talking about this month or even this quarter. Let me /br /China is sending us poisonous toys. Who wants to buy that?br /br /China is sending us poisonous pet food. /br /China and the rest of Asia are sending us crappy furniture and other household items. I speak from /br /Oil exporters are sending us oil. I am not going to talk about what they do with their profits but that is a lot of money not being invested back home where it /br /Not to pick on China, which I am because I find them the biggest threat to our way of life here and not they are not going to explode things here, but the point is that the backlash has already /br /Again, read this through before judging. I do not mean for this to be political. You’ll see why it is not at the /br /Are you sick of talking to outsourced customer service where communication is not quite the same?br /br /Are you sick of sacrificing quality and safety for price? After all, if it breaks and you have to fix it or buy another it is no bargain?br /br /Are you sick of disliking other people just because they have jobs and many of us here do not.?br /br /And of course, are you worried that the “us against them” attitude is going to spark rules and regs that are anti-free market?br /br /Now you get the drift. This is about the free market and the uber-capitalist way. Sooner or later, customers will get fed up. Personally, I switched from the cable company to the triple play with the phone company because I just could not take the lousy customer service they had. I am sick of the blue screen of death on my computer. I am sick of tables chipping and toys breaking and bridges that fall down and getting to the airport two hours before my flight and three @#$%^ dollars for a cup of designer joe (Oh, yes, they took them over) on the highway rest /br /I do whatever I can to avoid these dislikes and I bet a lot of people are starting to do the same. The capitalist way will prevail to rid us of these scourges (ok, I am getting dramatic) but we have to wake up to it first. And who better to satisfy this new demand than American companies and quality controls they, and yes the government, put into place?br /br /Sorry to my friends elsewhere. I am not putting you down. I am just saying that once sanity return to the markets here, whenever that may be, that US stocks are not going out of business. I am sure many other countries can say the same thing. The companies that can figure out the right balance of price and quality will win because I for one will pay a bit more (admittedly not too, too much) for something I know will work, comes with good support and puts money back to work domestically. Its not about giving the little guy a job. It is about having money to develop the whole enchilada – economy and innovation – so the little guy’s job is always there and my own personal lifestyle is as good as it can be. The less money spent on oil means the more money spent on disease control, security, new products and /br /Man, that does come off as political. I apologize if it does. I mean for it to be a heads up that consumers will buy American sooner or later and that will indeed affect your portfolio. Hopefully, we’ll be around to see it.