BWI Holdings, Inc. (BWIH.OB) provides waste and recycling services to industrial, residential, and commercial clients. After the last trade, the stock went down by 6% and is now trading at $0.36. In the middle of January, there was a 5-to-1 reverse split. This hasn’t added more trust to the company. On the contrary, investors started to look at the company more carefully.

If you look at the financial side of BWI Holdings, you will see that it is not able to cover all the liabilities: assests constitute $1,772,000, while liabilities reach almost 5 million dollars. In addition, the company has a long term debt of $6,791,000. On the contrary, the end of December was the first quarter when the company gained income, rather than suffered from loss.

Finally, it can be said that BWI Holdings has made a deal with Quality Stocks and will be paying $25,000 a month for stock promotional services. I am not sure how long this service is going to last but this is huge money.