One of my favorite films of all time is “Pi” by Darron Aronofsky, and it happens to be centered around patterns, cycles, and the Stock market. The more I think about how little coverage this movie get when people are talking about films related to the market is surprising. For example, a few weeks ago the movie “Trading Places” came up on Twitter and there were quite a few people talking about it and saying how good it was. Yeah I laughed a few times while watching, but overall it wasn’t some deep thinking financial masterpiece like “Pi” is. Oh yeah, religion, philosophy and the meaning of life are also discussed.

Granted, this inde movie isn’t for everybody as it was shot on a budget of 60k back in 1998, but if you give it a chance and really pay attention, you just might find a film that you can enjoy over and over and discover some new piece of insight during each viewing.


Below is a classic scene in the movie where he tries to apply this knowledge to the stock market which to him is a

“universe of numbers that represents the global economy, millions of human hands at work, billions of minds, a vast network seeming with life. An organism, a natural organism.”

12:45, restate my assumptions.

1. Mathematics is the language of nature.
2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers.
3. If you graph the numbers of any system, patterns emerge.

Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature.
Evidence: Cycling of disease epidemics, wax and wane of caribou populations, sunspot cycles, rise and fall of the Nile.