I thought about writing another market report for today, but decided against it. I am tired and I have put in some decent work. Instead of making a separate analysis for today, I will post some charts that I have worked on. I did not make any trades today because of the lack of much movement on the xlf and spy. AZO, mentioned in the report on Sunday, would have made a nice short. I still plan on shorting it if my other setups turn sour. Hat tips to fortune8 and stewie for a few stock tips.

Also, I underestimated the benefits of twitter when researching stock ideas. I’d suggest you check it out if you haven’t done so already. You can find me here.

Now to the charts:

PS: I got sick of the green layout and the others were a little too much as well. I’m going to stick with something plain and simple for now. Hope it’s easy on the eyes.