Will it never end? How many times will Chase – due to their mistakes – charge me more fees? Why have I dragged my feet leaving? Perhaps because it is a hassle to transfer all automatic deposts and automatic debits to another bank. I know I still have one more manager to visit as a last ditch attempt to reverse the first set of fees.

Here is the latest. Last week, I deposited a decent sized check at my local branch. Surprisingly, the fund were available, according to my online account, the next day. Hmmmm, positive surprise.

So, I wrote some checks to pay some bills and transferred a large chunk to pay off a credit card balance – a Chase credit card, I might add.

Two days later, I get a notice that the check was being returned. Why? Incorrect endorsement. What?

I signed that check the exact way I sign every check I deposit but if it was not correct then why did the teller not say so? Clearly, she thought it was OK.

And now, you guessed it, they charged me an insufficient funds fee (on top of the returned check fee). They failed to notice that all the money remained with Chase. I paid a Chase credit card with it (I never mailed the checks since the problem started).

Once again, they charged me fees for services they performed (unnecessarily) that were all internal to the bank. They laid out no money to anyone else.

Now, where is my KY? I want to minimize the pain the next time the do this – and I am confident they will.

By the way, on the home equity loan front, Chase offered to lock me in at 7 point something percent. Ditech offered 5 point something.