Turning blue into black?
-Target has made a bullish medium-term moving average crossover on the VantagePoint chart (green box in November); markets anticipate the future and such crossovers can lead to substantial trends (note green box in September).

-Target prices surged above the previous high at 36 Monday (red dashed line). Next upside target for Target: The October high around 44.

-VantagePoint indicators – neural index (gray line at 1.00) and predicted differences (red and green lines) – point up (green arrows).

-It isn’t just Target. Retailers such as Sears, J.C. Penney, Kohl’s, Gap and others present a similar chart picture.

About VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software:
-Forecasts are nearly 80%* accurate

-Uses leading indicators to anticipate market direction

-Thousands of customers in over 90 countries worldwide

-VantagePoint is offered by Market Technologies, an Inc. 500 company founded in 1979

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