Thought provoking list provided by Victor Niederhoffer over at Daily Speculations that will require a couple readings toensure everything sinks in.Ensuing additions and comments are as good as the article itself. I condensed the list below for your convenience.

He even mentions the Okinawan diet that I referenced awhile back. Isn’t it strange how when your exposed to something new you keep seeing it everywhere?

  1. Prolong life to enjoy the benefits of compounding
  2. Be aware of deception
  3. The power of indirection
  4. Develop good character
  5. Learn to be humble
  6. Develop good fundamentals
  7. Learn how to count
  8. Learn how to handle failure and learn from it
  9. Educate yourself through good books
  10. Match position size to your character
  11. Have a good escape plan