Checked all timeframes, there´s no fib support exist for this place at any timeframes, I bet this is end of 3th wave of C – meaning this is W3 bullish wedge channel, working possibility from here with 4th upwave, but likely going to hit that .618 on next week as fifth of C.

C wave should subdivide for 5 waves.

However, this .618 ends up my Double ZigZag pattern. Whatever comes up there on future, it should be significant. I am browsing between the different EW double & triple corrections as much larger degree, I believe we still have very exotic times ahead for long run from here, it´s possible there´s very large X upwave coming, but too early to say – collection of EW consonants and letters ends in here anyway.

So, as correction for my post below – better to stay as just scalping in here. It´s going to take serious time to turn these major timeframe oscillators and it won´t happen in one day.