I really expect more from Time after reading this article questioning whether or not China is going to make it through the worldwide economic crises. China may only get 5% growth and they’re talking about that as if that’s a bad thing.

The way I see it is any slowdown in China right now is normal. They don’t have major banks failure, corrupt mutual fund manager running pyramid schemes, or a pathetic savings rate that Scrooge would roll over in his grave if he caught wind of. They are a country with the tailwinds at their backs while the U.S. is to big that it can’t help but fail.

Too much debt.
Too much governemt intervention.
Too much excesses/spending. (personal and gov’t level)
Too many pointing fingers.
Too much unemployment.

Yes China will slow down just like everyone else, but until the U.S. does something that makes sense regarding all their problems, I still see China as a beacon of light in this worldwide financial darkness.

clipped from www.time.com
China will have its hard landing in 2009, and even the most optimistic economists now concede that GDP growth will be far below the 8% annual pace that Chinese economists and officials generally regard as the minimum necessary for the preservation of social order, possibly hitting 5% or under.
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