well, once again! except this time my favorite camera was stolen from behind my seat in a blind spot I didn’t see. it must have been pushed back against the wall behind my bad. it was wide open to grab, but i didn’t know it was open. so it must of been a stop between philadelphia and d.c., most likely baltimore. i’m really sad right now. this totally takes away any sex drive i would have if i had one anymore. i’m not religious, but i already said a prayer forgiving the m-f thief that they better use it well or get a good price at the pawn shop if they needed the money so.

i haven’t fully recovered. it has only been an hour or so. it was $1200!!!!!!! it took me an entire two weeks of boring work at the military to buy it. man…did it take some great shots with that fat lense. well my favorite nikon D40x slr is off to a new home, like coming from domestic abuse, and future torture.

i don’t even feel like buying another one. now that 2 $1000 cameras have been stolen within the past 3 years i don’t think i could handle a third being taken. although, i love photography so likely maybe ill be able to pick up the same one used for half the price to fill a smart part of my broken heart.

p.s. still haven’t traded real money. following stocks. would buy call options on AAPL going into june 09′, GE, WFC, and STI. stocks are starting to trend up after big downfall. showing trades on charts. lots of positive optimistic news.

p.s.s. s.o.s.
amtrak train ride from philly to va beach – good
having my favorite camera stolen – upsetting

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