I would like to do the Super Trader course but would like clarification on some issues.

Q1: You mentioned there is an approval process. Could you explain what that entails and whether I could coincide that process with my workshop attendance in 2010? 

A1: Van would like to see you in a Peak 101 workshop to watch how you react to various exercises. He also has a minimum financial net worth requirement in order to be sure the program makes sense for you financially. He generally likes to talk to the Super Trader applicants, and he requires a written statement of commitment. He would be able to talk to you about these items if you are attending the upcoming workshops.

Q2: How much time commitment is involved in preparing assignments and participating in discussions? Also how are the discussions managed with the time difference between NC and Australia? 

A2: This is your Super Trader program. By that I mean you define your objectives, your structure, and your strategies to achieve your objectives in the Super Trader program. There are some people in the program that work full-time and do the Super Trader work in their spare time. At the other end of the spectrum, there are people who work on their Super Trader assignments full-time. On a personal level, while I was enrolled in the program, I averaged about an hour a day on Super Trader work and tried to attend every workshop that I could.

Q3: The internet mentions you can commit in 6-month increments. If this option is undertaken, please clarify the payment arrangements. 

A3:The full program cost is $50,000. You are credited 50% for any purchases you have already made from the Van Tharp Institute. The remainder can be split into four payments six months apart. Van actually prefers this approach because events happen in people’s lives and he allows for sabbaticals from the program.

Q4: My work commitments anchor me to Australia. Is there any requirement that I attend further workshops during the year, or if necessary can these be attended in January 2011?

A4: There is no requirement for the Super Trader program that you attend any workshops nor is there any sequence to the workshops that you attend. Van advises that you attend Peak 101 and Peak 202 workshops as many times as you can. For these, attendance in person is required. For the rest of our workshops, we do expect to offer a streaming view for our international Super Traders starting in 2010. This would make it easier for our international clientele to reap many of the benefits of the workshops without having to travel.