Global warming, Climate change is going to be a very big issue for the rest of our lives whether we believe it really exists or not. There are two schools of thought when it comes to this topic where one believes the Earth is being destroyed by greenhouse gases and the overpopulation of the Earth and on the polar opposite…(insert laugh) we have the group that believes that if you go back long enough we’re in nothing more than a super cycle of warmer weather.

It’s hard to believe which side to believe as both have compelling evidence, and I’m not here at this point to discuss which side is right. However, when you start talking about taxes and carbon credits it starts to get me thinking about how our economy and our personal lives are going to be economically effected 5-10 years from now. I came across this video where Al Gore is being inconveniently questioned regarding the profits he stands to gain from being a Partner in Kleiner Perkins, which from the website seems to be more concerned about making a buck than saving the environment.

Here is an excerpt from the about us section on there site.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers are passionately committed to helping our portfolio companies succeed. We know that it takes more than solid financial support to get a company off the ground – we help make things happen. We deeply believe that teams win.

Notice how defensive Al Gore is as he answers the congresswoman’s questions. He acts like this is one big joke and answers just like a politician. My big problem is how everything he answers is in the past tense. He never says that all future profits will always be reinvested back into his non profit entities. After watching this video and his reactions I tend to believe he’s hiding something. Whenever one is guilty and they are confronted about it, the typical reaction is to become defensive and deflect the situation, just as he does there.