CME Group Forex E-Mirco futures contracts are priced at one-tenth the size of the existing CME currency futures contracts and provide a cost-effective way to access the dynamic foreign exchange market with the security, transparency and liquidity of CME Group. The new contracts launched on March 23, and are exclusively traded on the CME Globex® electronic trading platform. The Forex E-Micro contracts are quoted in interbank or “over the counter” (OTC) terms, making it easy for customers to integrate them into their systems and portfolios. Contracts are available in the six currency pairs.

Contract Symbol
Euro/U.S. dollar EUR/USD M6E
British pound/U.S. dollar GBP/USD M6B
Australian/U.S. dollar AUD/USD M6A
U.S. dollar/Japanese yen USD/JPY M6J
U.S. dollar/Swiss franc USD/CHF M6F
U.S./Canadian dollar USD/CAD M6C

All Forex E-micro contracts will be cash-settled and EUR/USD, GBP/USD and AUD/USD contracts will be fully fungible with CME Group’s full-sized FX contracts. Margins are scaled down in proportion with the full-sized versions at roughly one-tenth of the full cost. See full Forex E-Micro contract specifications at

CME Three-Year Treasury Note futures also launched on March 23, and complement the design of the current suite of Treasury futures contracts at the exchange. The notional contract size is $200,000, the minimum tick is one-quarter of one thirty-second ($15.625), and it trades on the March quarterly cycle. These contracts will trade both open outcry and on the CME Globex electronic platform. Lind-Waldock clients should use the symbol Z3N. View full 3-Year T-Note Futures Contract Specifications.