13.11 – 2009,

European Friday Morning,

If that´s not end of full impulse, then I am santa clause.

Amazing exact size of waves. It´s also x3.618 from end of W1, at least it have to be end of W3, and right now and right here. Interesting how these actual fibonacci numbers are often turning points. Bottom is placed with 37-38 $, and now at least W3 top with 55 $ – but 2.618 and 3.618 relations argues in here strongly that it could end of entire impulse allready.

Who knows does fifth take this to 61.8 $ some day but this is my shorting candidate for next week from here. This is 60 minute chart, if one looking it there´s no need to hardcore EW theorist to determine end of impulse in here with this degree as W5 is x1.382 size also, at least stops could be set for just above of cents from the current price. If you look second chart fifth wave breakes pretty easily for it´s own impulse also with same timeframe and it looks to be pretty much run it´s cource in here.

UsaCad was the most powerfull mover today in percentage terms between the FX pairs and it seems my anticipated, potential W2 was correct for it or it´s possible as price reversed from 76% line, but unfortunately it occured from asian late hours or too early european hours and I missed that myself !