In a previous post, we discussed how as a result of circumstance, companies can go through tough times and good times that don’t correspond with the economic cycle. Companies that had difficulties turning a profit in the strong economic period that preceded this downturn could go in one of two directions:

1) they could become companies mired in secular decline, unable to adapt to the current business environment, or
2) they could find a way to adapt and emerge as stronger companies.
As an example of the latter, consider Audiovox (VOXX), which sells consumer electronics and accessories. Prior to the recession, Audiovox had some trouble turning a profit. This served as an early wake-up call, forcing the company to focus on cutting costs and exiting lower margin products. While this had the effect of reducing revenue, the intention was to become a healthier, more sustainable business.
When the recession hit, Audiovox was already in the process of cutting its fat, whereas other companies were only just beginning. As a result, while many of its competitors are currently still losing money, Audiovox has now turned a profit for two quarters in a row.
Amazingly, while the stock has almost quadrupled since its March lows, it still trades at a discount to its net current assets. By finance industry standards, the company is “risky” due its high beta above 2. But from a value investor’s perspective, the company’s business risks do not appear onerous. The company offers a diverse range of products, and sells these products to a relatively diverse group of customers.
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Disclosure: Author has a long position in shares of VOXX