Since opening up the comment reply via email feature to everyone last month we’ve been continuing to improve it. Here are some of changes that have gone in during the last few weeks:

  • Better detection of email auto responders / vacation messages
  • Added a reminder to the bottom of comment notification emails about the reply via email feature
  • Vastly improved support for non-English character sets
  • Fixed a problem that some iPhone users were seeing
  • Improved email address parsing for Blackberry users
  • Fixed cases where signature blocks weren’t being properly removed
  • Better paragraph formatting when parsing comments

And many little tweaks to deal with the oddities of various email clients. You’d be amazed how many email clients have their own little quirky ways of doing things.

For users who don’t include quoted reply text in your emails I do want to point out that you’ll need to end your email comment reply with !END on a line by itself. We’ll detect this in place of quoted reply text and use everything above the !END line as the new comment. This is mentioned on the comment reply via email support page but I wanted to bring specific attention to this to avoid any confusion.

We want to make comment reply via email 100% for every user, so if you have any problems with it at all please contact support. Or, if you just want to hi, that’s okay too :-)