7COHO_chart.pngCooper Holding Corp. (PINK:COHO) is in the sights of pumpers, and today’s performance will be boosted by a number of paid mails and posts.

Yesterday, COHO closed up 33.33% up at $0.002 after nearly 70 million shares had been traded.

After the close, a promotional email was sent out. The promoter touting COHO stock disclosed a $20 thousand compensation.

Additionally, the iHub board of COHO has been bombarded with pump posts, some of which say the poster has been paid for their services.[BANNER]

COHO has been a volatile sub-penny for a while, but volumes got higher after the latest quarterly report. The report in question didn’t exactly paint a pretty picture with the negative working capital, losses and minuscule revenue, but it was apparently enough to get more interest in the stock.

2COHO_logo.jpgIf traders decide to go in, they should, as always, be careful and do their due diligence. Volumes are higher than they used to be, but if traders play this the wrong way they will get burned.