I had Covestor manually import my trades from the bottom-fishing portfolio. They only allow you to have your account linked to one broker at a time, and I actually have three trading accounts – TD Ameritrade, Think or Swim, and Cy Group. Now, my Covestor chart looks great, and I’m ranked 50 overall for Annualized Risk Adjusted Return!

The chart above is correct in showing my results from SWING trading in my retail accounts since signing up for Covestor. However, a couple caveats:

  • This chart doesn’t include the $400 in losses I incurred before I knew Covestor existed and created an account with them.
  • This chart doesn’t include the $300 in losses from DAY trading I have with my prop account.

This means overall across accounts I’m down -$559 as of 4/06/09.

So I estimate I’m down -100% by the way Covestor calculates things….and the chart would look something like this: