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DOLLAR: Not surprisingly the Dollar is catching a distinct flight to quality bid this morning. In addition to ideas that global equity prices were ahead of reality, the market seems to have seen a downshift in economic readings, with the US retail sales report and Michigan sentiment readings late last week being joined by a slack UK private housing report and lackluster attitudes toward the Chinese recovery in the overnight headlines. Apparently the currency markets are uninterested in suggestions from Japan that they are poised to climb out of the recession in the next quarter. In fact, with the UK and now the US, seemingly adding slightly to their quantitative easing efforts, the markets are suspecting that the slow down threat remains in place. With a large US financial institution failing over the weekend and the failure apparently the biggest of the year, that clearly rekindles financial market flight to quality interest in the Dollar. With the August 11th Commitment of Traders with Options report for US Dollar showing the Non-commercial position to be net short 10,110 contracts, with the Non-reportable position net short 1,693 contracts, that made the “combined” spec and fund position net short 11,803 contracts as of early last week. Therefore the September Dollar looks to be poised to rise to the late July highs of 79.81, but we doubt that the Dollar is going to completely throw off the downward bias that has been in place since early March.

EURO: The Euro is clearly under a liquidation watch, as the markets have once again rekindled concerns for the recovery. We would suggest that weakness in equities at the end of last week and into the opening this morning, were the result of ideas that the equity markets were ahead of reality and to see equity prices fall consistently throughout this week, might require fears of a failed recovery effort. However, in the near term slumping sentiment looks to apply pressure to the Euro and that could easily send the September Euro down to the first consolidation support zone of 140.00 on the charts. With the August 11th Commitment of Traders with Options report for Euro showing the Non-commercial position to be net long 17,551 contracts, with the Non-reportable position net long 18,905 contracts, that made the “combined” spec and fund position net long 36,456 contracts as of early last week. Therefore from a technical basis, the Euro would seem to retain at least a couple more days of long liquidations selling pressure.

YEN: The yen clearly seems to be a currency in vogue, with strength being seen in the Yen recently in the face of strength in equities and the currency also being bid higher in the face of slumping equities. Clearly the Yen is garnering some flight to quality type buying and that in combination with mostly upbeat macro economic views toward the Japanese economy looks to give the Yen an additional flight to quality benefit. Near term upside targeting in the Yen is seen at 106.41 and perhaps even higher if the anxiety being thrown off by the equity markets intensifies.

SWISS: A big range down extension in the Swiss clearly suggests that the Swiss, Euro, Pound and Canadian are all set to lose in the face of an economic letdown in world equity markets. While the Swiss looks to follow the lead of the Dollar and the Euro in the coming trading sessions, we would be surprised if the September Swiss didn’t fall quickly back to the 92.00 level in the coming trading sessions.

POUND: In addition to deteriorating macro economic views, the Pound also seems to be getting pressure from news of a privately generated housing survey. With the Pound into the August highs, technically and fundamentally overbought, that seems to set the stage for a slide to at least 162.63. In order to see a full washout in the September Pound, down to the 160.00 level, probably requires extensive liquidation carnage in global equity markets!

CANADIAN DOLLAR: Since the Canadian has already seen an aggressive liquidation washout to the even number 90.00 level this morning, a good measure of the macro economic disappointment is probably already factored into prices. However, it would appear as if the negative outlook toward the global recovery, is still destined to play out over the coming trading sessions and that could put the September Canadian down to the 89.31 level in the coming two trading sessions.

TODAY’S MARKET IDEAS: Expect the Yen and Dollar to extend overnight gains for at least the first two trading sessions of the new week.

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