Dave Hightower spoke yesterday at an RG Investments hosted event on 12/8/2008 in Seward, OK. From an article on kolnkgin.com:

“We’ve come from historic high levels, and they’re not quite down to a level that makes a lot of crops profitable,” said David Hightower, a TV economy analyst and author of the Hightower Report.

For that reason, Hightower says farmers need to choose their crops carefully for the next growing season.

“I think corn is going to be the best crop. We have a tighter overall ending stock and use situation. We have an ability to rebound the demand for corn quicker than soybeans,” said Hightower.

No matter what crop, he says watching profit margins will be key in ‘09.

“If you know what your profit is, go out there and secure your profit,” said Hightower.

The full article and video and be found at http://www.kolnkgin.com/home/headlines/35780834.html.

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.