Spent a good portion of the day responding to comments and emails as there has been a lot of good energy on the blog today. Thanks for that. I look at my blog sort of as a journal/scrapbook for my trading and it’s always nice when your journal speaks back.

Sunday is our family dinner where we try to gather everybody and their boyfriends ( I live in a family of 4 girls) to reconnect after a busy week were everybody is going this way and that way. I’ll probably be afk for the rest of the day, but I have an interesting post brewing in my head that I hope to finish for tomorrow. I’m also trying to finish a few books as I have a habit of starting multiple books and taking forever to actually finish them. I really need to stop multitasking when it comes to reading.

It’s a beautiful day here in Vancouver and it’s hard to think about finance anyway. Everybody is out walking their dogs or washing their cars. Spring is here.