After reflecting on my first three days of trading in November, I have once again been reminded of one important word. That word is…..


Specifically, this first week of November 2009, has been rocky. As a developing trader I feel a little pushed around and a bit dizzy from all the up and down movement and mixed messages in direction.

The first day of November I traded well, followed by the second day where Debbie put on a few good  trades that did not follow through and a couple more that she got a little stubborn with, followed by today where Debbie took some heat, fought back, and ended the day with a little scrape.

While doing my homework, I realized that each day there has been opportunity and Debbie has been looking so hard for the opportunity while being afraid she’ll miss it and trying to make sure to check that all “things” line up for the almost perfect trade that when the actual opportunity arises Debbie is either late to the party or misses it all together.

The example today was HIG. Debbie got pieces of it but not what she should because she was late to the party.

The only thing that anyone would need to identify that HIG was the place to be short today is big, red, candles.

 As long as someone knew Red+Candles=Sell and keep selling as long as the candles remain big and red then that someone would have made their month in P/L today.

The point here:

Keep things real simple so that opportunity does not pass you by. Sometimes it really is as simple as



Profitable trading all!



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