Back in the 80s, I found a casual/beach clothing line called Maui and Son. Every piece they sold had the phrase – in a cartoon strip style dialog bubble – “Did you get the color I sent?” I suppose it was to get someone to ask what it meant and get a conversation /br /No soap, radio. I am sure a lot of you remember that jabberwocky of a non-joke, /br /That brings me to today’s “I can’t believe people pay for this advice” entry. The proprietary indicator name has been changed to protect the /br /And I quote:br /br /”The daily my-indicator gave us a “sell strength” signal Thursday and we have a “best fade” sell signal implying weakness by Tuesday. The thing is, we have a new buy signal from the my-indicator . The chop we got really doesn’t fulfill the predicted move and we could still have some weakness on Monday, since there are profits to take. I’m not expecting too much downside, however. Too much skepticism, thank /br / /br /First, WTF did it mean? and WTF is he/she suggesting his/her subscribers do about it? Excuse the language but this is why investors and the media look down on market /br /Explain what you are looking at and why. Have conviction with your opinions. Give your subscribers a clear idea of what to do. And then say what has to happen to prove you /br /Thank you. This has been a public service announcement.