A site called the SEO Expert Competition operated by the SEO Affiliate Academy are making SEO contestant inquires pay a monthly fee to someone brilliant enough to brainwash people to pay them to be in a contest. It’s a bit crazy and shameful at least I think. Contests should be open to everyone and free. You pay for a contest when you are usually on a team. Well, I guessi poker you buy in. Okay well I still don’t care if there are prizes or not it should be free or you can play for no money just to be in the contest. Regardless I’m NOT paying $30-90/month just to rank in the contest. It is total bullshit in my opinion.

Anyway I’m entering the contest unofficially. My goal is to use the keywords “dirty blue widgets” to score me to the top of the big search engines without any illegal activities. I bought the link www.mr-dirbluget-show.com which will be my direct link to see how far I can get with marketing dirty blue widgets and doing as much SEO as possible on my site and sites linking to my site. My plan behind this is making a movie about a blog about dirty blue widgets and their rivals clean red widgets! Yes, this is my crazy plan. I’m actually going to “attempt” to make video on this. Yeah, REAL GOOD LUCK to me.

Dirty blue widgets will become my best friends and I will be the notorious Mr. Dirbluget a part dirty blue widget and part clean red widget confused with his true identity and journey being with the widgets.

Okay this might sounds all a bit world, but it is for good fun to score high using dirty blue widgets as SEO keywords for my blog Mr. DirBluget’s Dirty Blue Widget Movie Show.

To see my ranking currently click here for google keywords “dirty blue widgets”. See if my website http://www.Mr-DirBluget-Show.info shows up in top 10 results.