I just noticed that that US Dollar has fell below two key areas of support in the last week. Those being a major trend line going back to last August and the widely watched 200 day moving average, indicating that this currency is in for an extended decline. This totally explains why Gold has been on such a tear lately and will most likely continue to move higher in the name of all things inflation caused by our Government. I’m really beginning to think Obama is going to be a one term President if he continues with his current fairy-tale economic policies.


How to double your cash this year with just one “golden” investment

Finally, here is a video that gives a decent timeline on the history of home values going back to early 1900’s. I’d like to preface this by saying that I’m not a fan of Glenn Beck at all, in fact I have a rather low opinion of the guy, but the information here is difficult to manipulate to a certain point of view, so I think this clip is OK.