Secret 1

The first secretof trading success is having Discipline. A good trader must have the discipline to make sure that they do not make mistakes, and a mistake is not following your rules. And if you don’t have enough rules to guide your behavior, then anything you do is a mistake.

Secret 2

The second secretof trading success is the Golden Rule of Trading, which is cutting losses short and letting profits run. This means that success really has nothing to do with “stock picking” or selecting the right investment.

Secret 3

The third secret of trading success is having a Trading System that Fits Who You Are. Your system must fit your objectives, your beliefs about yourself, your beliefs about the market, and your beliefs about each of the part of the trading system, such as set-ups, entry, stop, exits, and position sizing. When you have a system that fits you and the confidence to trade it, then you are likely to do well with it.

Secret 4

The fourth secret of trading success is that you must Use Position Sizing to meet your objectives. Position sizing refers to “how much” size you have on throughout the course of a trade. And position sizing is really designed to meet your objectives. Thus, you must know what your objectives are and you must know how to use position sizing to meet those objectives.

Secret 5

The last secret of trading success is that everything is 100% Psychological.Even these five secrets are 100% psychological.